Commercial sandwich press is toast of the town

commercial sandwich press

The commercial sandwich press by Weatherdon

Much more than bread, cheese, fillings and fixings, the secret ingredient to running a cafe is the equipment. And it’s Weatherdon’s Nero Contact Grill, specifically designed for the restaurant and catering industry by Sydney’s Cube industrial design team, that separates the grommets from the gourmets.

“Toasting and grilling can get messy,” Cube director Paul Cohen said. “When we designed the product, we started by thinking about the function first and then how form relates.

“There are details only a designer would focus on. It starts with the cleaning, which I thought about long and hard. Evidence is that all the surfaces are flush to minimise grime and removable, dishwasher-safe grill-plates slip off easily.”

Cohen noted that a big part of the project was getting the grill size right, hence the little chamfers at the edges so food can’t roll off. Typically, an edge would run vertically but this was changed to angles, again to minimise cleaning.

“Weighting the lid is also a consideration as the top tray needs the pressure for the thicker breads and buns or larger cuts of sausages or meat,” Cohen added.

Weatherdon’s managing director Robert Weatherdon concluded: “Our clients appreciate the criteria that goes into designing a robust yet streamlined product that can stand the heat of the commercial kitchen.”

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