Clocking on

Members are looking for ways to manage labour costs, and your Association can help

As the year has come to a close the industry turnover results have started to tick up, and consequently it looks like the double dip has been avoided for the time being. It seems that once again a drop in consumer sentiment (in July) has driven a downward movement mid-year, and as sentiment strengthened in the run up to the holiday season, revenues have slowly turned up. Recent survey data shows that the challenge this silly season will be getting staff to cover the shifts at a cost that makes it worthwhile. We know that more businesses will close on Sundays and Public Holidays as the fine line of profitability in these service periods closes in. There is also pressure mounting at other periods in the roster. At an average now of 42 per cent of revenue, labour costs are even harder to control, but worth any attention paid to them. The Association is receiving more and more calls that are around effective rostering. Some of our members are going even further, and having a review of their employment practices, which might just mean squeezing an extra couple of percentage points out of the bottom line. I hope you have a profitable year-end after what as been a difficult year to navigate.

Brien Trippas

President, Restaurant & Catering


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