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New IR rules started last month. Are your employment agreements up-to-date?

The new Restaurant Industry Award and the Hospitality Industry General Award (for caterers) took effect on January 1. These awards mean some very significant changes to the conditions under which most of your staff are employed. Whilst specific provisions on wage rates will begin to change in July, many other provisions apply now. R&C is running a number of information sessions over the coming weeks. I urge you to attend one of these sessions, as they contain information you really need to know. There is also the opportunity (thanks to the Federal Government’s support) for a free one-on-one briefing from one of our IR officers. To make a booking for a session or to book a one-on-one briefing call 1300 722 878 (1300 RCAUST).

There have been a number of calls in relation to whether agreement signed in the old system continue to apply. They do. However, please check the expiry date of your agreement and make sure that the agreement you are relying on was registered with the appropriate authority at the time. If the agreement was rejected or was not lodged for any reason, your employees will be entitled to the rates and conditions in the new award. This is the seventh change to the system in the last five years. It has lead to a lot of confusion. Please call and check if you are unsure of where you stand. It is far better to be safe than sorry.

John Hart 
CEO, Restaurant & Catering 


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