Calling out support to help young workers with work placements

work placements restaurant industry

Restaurant & Catering has been accepted to lodge a tender for a project to prepare young workers for entry into the restaurant and catering industry through a training and working trial program. 

The program would see young people prepared for entry into the industry with some key skills such as RSA and Food Handler Training, and then get placed in a business to gain invaluable experience before being employed.

The Association would undertake the training, coordinate the trials (for which the candidates would receive payment from the Commonwealth), and then place the candidates into work.

As you know, Restaurant & Catering understands the people that you need to work in your business. If you would be happy to support R&CA to be able to provide this service to you, could you please provide an email detailing your support by return email to

A sample email is here to make that process easier. It is really important that we get some estimate of the number of candidates you would accept for trial.

We would really appreciate your support to get this project funded so that we can better support your needs.

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