Beware scams

scamsScams are an unfortunate risk of running a business, whether it be small or large. According to the ACCC, businesses lost $3.8 million to scams in 2016, with over $2 million lost by small or micro-sized businesses.

As the nature of scams becomes more sophisticated, it is crucial for operators to be vigilant and aware of the possible types of scams affecting their business, both online and on the floor. Although the internet is now an indispensable part of life, scams are not just limited to the online realm.

For instance, a few weeks ago in Brisbane, a small group of scammers targeted local cafe and restaurant businesses telling owners that they had found glass in their meals. Following these claims, the scammers demanded to receive the meals for free. It’s believed that at least six businesses were targeted by the scammers over the course of a week.

R&CA advises all businesses to look out for the most common signs of scams and attempt to verify any claims made before responding. Whether it’s fake invoices, malicious emails or customers making fraudulent claims about the contents of their food, it’s imperative to remain hyper-aware of the potential threats and deal with them safely and appropriately.

If you ever experience a scam, call the Association on 1300 722 878 or email

Juliana Payne, CEO
Restaurant & Catering Australia


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