Australia’s finest organic and natural meat on show

balinese-pork34276_PPCome and see Australia’s largest organic and natural meat supplier at Fine Food Sydney.

Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co will be attending Fine Food Sydney on Stand SF16 (in the meat and seafood section).

Arcadian will be showcasing their range of hand selected organic beef and lamb as well as free range pork.  These products are offered under two separate brands – “Cleaver’s Organic Meat” and “Borrowdale Free Range Pork.”

Borrowdale Free Range Pork is the latest offering from Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co.  It is sourced from a single origin family farm in Goondiwindi Queensland where each pig is free to wallow and roam naturally.

Borrowdale Free Range Pork offers a range of traditional pork cuts, naturally smoked small goods and fresh gourmet sausages.

Visit for more information.

Pete’s Balinese Style Crispy Rolled Pork Belly Roast

This dish is based on the classic Indonesian dish called Babi Gulang which is one of Indonesia’s signature dishes – usually made with a whole suckling pig but a pork belly works just as well.


1 Borrowdale pork belly

1 tbsp sea salt

4 kaffir lime leaves

4 curry leaves

Spice Paste Stuffing

1 tsp sea salt

4 garlic cloves

2cm piece of ginger

100g fresh turmeric

8 birds eye chillies

6 golden shallots

4 kaffir lime leaves

4 curry leaves

2 lemongrass stalks

1 B/c tbsp coriander seeds

3 tbsp lard or coconut oil, melted

1 B/c tsp black peppercorns

2cm piece galangal


• Preheat the oven to 200°C. Make a spice paste by blending ingredients in food processor.  The flavour that you get from making this spice paste is sensational!

• Place the pork skin down and layer the spice paste over the pork meat. Layer lime and curry leaves length wise. Roll the belly and tie at 5cm intervals with twine. Rub the outside with salt.

• Roast at 200°C for 30 mins and then reduce to 180°C for 1 hour.

• Serve this with some blanched Asian greens and a side of kimchi.

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