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Making contemporary sauce stylings simple

The role of cream in sauce is typically to enrich by adding texture and body, while the other ingredients impart flavour. Especially in modern pasta dishes and Mediterranean style cuisine, today’s trend is to utilise cream in smaller quantities, albeit in a more concentrated way. This has been made much easier by the development of products such as Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream—a pre-reduced cream which chefs can work with at high temperatures over extended periods.

“For example you might use a concentrated cream and complement it with herb flavours like basil or sage to lightly coat a pasta dish that might also feature a high-quality protein like smoked chicken,” suggests consultant chef Liam McLaughlin of Global Hospitality Group.

“You can also add a vegetable component, for example making up a pea puree with a cream base, and adding that to a slowly braised ham hock and a good-quality pasta.”

“Chefs like to break down, dehydrate, puree or otherwise change the format of a lot of traditional ingredients to come up with something innovative and different,” Liam explains. “Utilising cream really helps that process—whether you’re making a foam, puree or sauce, the cream will stabilise whatever you’re trying to produce and impart that velvety, smooth, light, airy profile.”

When using conventional cream, whether pure or thickened, you’re quite limited in how long you can work with it at high temperatures. In both high temperature environments and highly acidic ones—for example when adding white wine or a citric reduction like lemon juice—the composition of the cream naturally begins to break down, and you’ll get splitting, curdling or separation.

A product like Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream, on the other hand, has been designed to withstand these
high temperatures and acidic environments so it won’t split or separate.

“Not only does it emulsify and blend in really well with the other ingredients, the fact that it’s pre-reduced saves you valuable preparation time too,” Liam points out.

“Your conventional creams need to be reduced for quite some time to bring them to the right coating consistency. You need to bring the cream up to the boil and just let it simmer, and it’s during that process that separation or over-reduction can occur—especially in today’s kitchens where chefs have lots of things to do at once and can’t devote all their attention to making a sauce.

“Using pre-reduced cooking cream, which takes much less time to reach coating consistency, allows you to prepare your sauce faster and without the need for that extended observation period.”

And with a yield up of up to 30 per cent higher than conventional thickened cream, Anchor Extra Yield is also a more economical choice.

While Anchor Extra Yield is terrific for pasta sauces, its application is much broader than that. You can use it for
hot or cold desserts and as an ingredient for all meals throughout the day—from breakfast through to lunch, dinner, desserts and even pastries.

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