ACTIVECORE™—Advance Refrigeration System

ActivecoreDeveloped in the largest innovation centre of its kind in Australasia, ActiveCore is one of SKOPE’s most significant developments in over 25 years. The new ActiveCore technology took over 18 months and a design team of 35 to develop, it is the ultimate in innovation and a major leap forward for the industry.

The specialised, yet simplistic, design of the ActiveCore makes it particularly easy to service, minimising downtime and further reducing costs for SKOPE’s customers. SKOPE’s ActiveCore refrigeration technology is set to take the food and beverage industry by storm, offering unprecedented energy savings while maximizing cooling performance. ActiveCore will save users up to $594 per year in energy costs, a 55 per cent saving on the running costs of SKOPE’s biggest selling TME model.

Now available market-wide, the new glass door SKOPE ActiveCore chiller range of one and two door, top and bottom mount models combines the new ActiveCore technology with a modern, frameless aesthetic design. The TME and BME ActiveCore glass door chillers are available with sign panel for branding opportunities, frameless glass doors with aluminum trim, easy to install shelving systems to reduce installation time, and an updated controller with manual light switch and pre-programmed features. A new slotted back panel design allows for maximum cooling, whilst the optimal airflow and cooling performance reduces temperature variations and energy consumption.

Each and every component of the ActiveCore unit has been developed with efficiency and the future in mind. The ActiveCore Series now provides SKOPE’s customers with a quicker rate of return and considerable financial savings over the life of the cabinet.

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  1. Still one of the best display fridge systems around – even after being on the market for around three years on the market. The technology has certainly proved itself – so much so that they have the confidence to offer a 5-year warranty on all Activecore units.

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