A handbook to keep the pests away

A professional guide is now available for managing pests in the workplace.

A professional guide is now available for managing pests in the workplace.

Restaurants and commercial kitchens now have a professional guide available to them for managing pests in the workplace. The Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) has put together the Pest Management Handbook for Food Service Business Operators.

As well as helping commercial kitchen operators choose the right professional pest manager, the book also offers tips and advice on how to self-manage an environment that is attractive to pests, where it is appropriate.

AEPMA president David Gay said the handbook also gives some guidance on the effectiveness and suitability of pest management products and devices.

“Keeping kitchens clean of pests is taken seriously by the relevant authorities with fines of up to $100,000 if regulations aren’t adhered to. And that’s before civil suits that may result from customers falling ill as a result of a pest infestation,” Gay said.

Offenders can be named and shamed by a government, causing enormous reputation damage.

The booklet encourages food service business operators to visit their relevant state health authority websites to make sure they understand their responsibilities when it comes to pest management.

The handbook details the types of pests likely to be found in a kitchen and discusses the concept of integrated pest management which basically means not relying on one method of control but introducing a wide range of control options from planning to inspections and actual pest destruction or deterrent.

A digital version of the handbook can be easily found on the AEPMA website at www.aepma.com.au.

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