5 Ways to maximise your capital equipment investment


The FRIMA VarioCooking Center.

With the recent changes to small business tax cuts and asset write-off provisions announced in the 2015-15 Federal Budget, now is the time to invest in capital equipment that will catapult your business forward.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that you can now write-off any piece of kitchen equipment for your venue under the price of $20,000, saving you up to $5700 per item come tax time.

So how will you leverage this to your advantage? And what lessons can we learn from those at the top of the restaurant and catering game?

1 Invest in new technology

Technological advancements in the foodservice industry such as the Rational SelfCookingCenter® 5Senses (2014 FIA Innovation of the Year) and the FRIMA VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® (2012 Fine Food Best New Hospitality Equipment of the Year) means speedier service, improved efficiency, profitability and accuracy, as well as greater menu variety and less environmental impact. Moreover, advanced kitchen technologies are making two way communication possible between the Chef and the equipment, not to mention being able to replace several pieces of equipment with one single unit that saves on energy, labour and waste.

More than a third of the 2015 AFR Top 100 Australian Restaurants choose Rational for their kitchen, with 8 out of the top ten venue’s relying on one or more Rational for their service

2 Invest in time-saving equipment & spend time on Instagram-worthy presentation

No matter if you serve pub grub, Asian fusion or desserts, people love to snap an impressive #foodie pic. But with Instagram-worthy presentation comes time and attention to detail. To combat this, the world’s top chefs turn time and time again to Rational, which is even being used to create Heston’s jaw-dropping food experience at the Fat Duck at Crown.

While traditional equipment leaves Chefs baking, steaming, grilling and poaching on various pieces of equipment, the Rational turns the work of several Chefs into the work of one unit, meaning less labour, greater productivity and more time to spend on presentation that’ll have your customers snapping and sharing their meals, meaning greater exposure, greater interaction, and a greater dining experience.

“The steam from the Rational is very powerful, resulting in shorter cooking times. Rational ovens are also really easy to use, we have over 40 chefs at Mr Wong, so what better way to ensure consistency but to program it in the oven! Then it’s just a case of press and go.”

Dan Hong, Mr Wong, #9 AFR 2015 Restaurant

3 Take risks on everything but your equipment

As the old adage goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. This most definitely is the case when it comes to kitchen equipment, and the horror stories shared online regarding cheap imports and eBay buys should be enough to steer you away from the dodgy and towards the trusted. When it comes to menu items, deco and overall restaurant feel however, take a risk! If you’re backed with an extraordinary kitchen, it’s best to take a risk to make sure the food matches.

4 Take the time out to be inspired

Whether it’s eating at competitor’s venues or going for a holiday in Bali, inspiration is key to bringing your kitchen to life. “Inspiration comes from many different places and it’s not necessarily from magazines or TV,” says Andrew McConnell, whose ever-growing list of restaurant ventures continues to dominate. “Often I find inspiration in an old cookbook or from having dinner at a friend’s place or travel. Inspiration is a personal thing and everyone finds it in different places.”

“As a production option, FRIMA has halved the cooking time to slowly braise tripe and produces a fantastic XO sauce in bulk. The heat transfer delivers gorgeous even caramelisation in the sauce.”

Andrew McConnell, Supernormal, #24 AFR 2015 Restaurant

5 You never stop learning

Despite having an empire of restaurants to his name and a somewhat seamless kitchen preference, Andrew McConnell, like all top Chefs, continue to learn about the industry, the trends, and the latest technologies. One of the first Chef’s to take on the FRIMA, this constant yearning to learn and grow has halved his production time when producing his famous XO sauce in his Supernormal menu. Take the lead from the best of the best and book yourself in for a Rational or FRIMA Cooking Live demonstration TODAY!

Go to www.comcater.com.au to find out more.

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